Anglophone Cameroon Writer's Association (ACWA) - 2003


Fonction Responsible Since
 President John Nkemngong Nkengasong  
Vice-President Victor Elame Musinga  
Secretary Takwi Mathew Ndohwie  
Vice Secretary Mbah Afuh Margaret  
Financial Secretary Tangyie Suh-Nfor Peter  
Treasurer Ashu Comfort  
Public Relations Officer Ngobesing Suh Romanus  
Co-ordinator Centre Region Bole Butake  
Co-ordinator SW Region Bate Besong  
Co-ordinator NW Region John Menget  
Legal Adviser Barrister Taku Charles  

Publications of the year

Author Work Type of work Editor
ACHU, Emmanuel Wrong Target Creative Works Maryland Printers - Bamenda
AFUH, Margaret Born Before Her Time Patron Publishing House - Bamenda
BESONG, Bate Three Plays: Once Upon Great Lepers, Beasts of No Nation, The Banquet Editions CLE - Yaounde
JETIMEN, John MENGET Retirement Teachers Resource Centre - Bamenda
NGOBESING, Soh Romanus A Loving Woman in Tears Privately Published

Education of the Deprived: A Study of Four Cameroonian


Anthologies, Magazines and critical works Presses Universitaires - Yaoundé